PromiseThon Fundraiser

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Plato Charter Academy

PromiseThon is an easy fun way to engage kids in building strong character & leadership traits while your school raises money.


  1. PromiseThon is a Fundraiser that instills CHARACTER.
  2. Students receive PLEDGES based on the promises they keep.
  3. All funds are collected online with our CROWDFUNDING website.
  4. Every student receives INCENTIVES regardless of monies raised.

Woodlawn Elementary

woodlawnThank you for Supporting Woodlawn Elementary Our main focus is to develop Woodlawn Scholars by providing scholars the tools they will need to be successful in their future. Our school improvement focus will be academic rigor, engagement and culture and climate. This year, scholars will be taking home weekly newsletters and calendar pages with homework and reflections in a take home folder. Parents are asked to review these folders daily and intial the reading log. We look forward to seeing you all at our family events this year. Keep a look out on the website and our facebook site for dates and times. We will be offering evening activities that focus on Literacy, Community Resources, Math, Science, AVID, and the Arts. We look forward to building a foundation for success for each and every student! Sincerely, Ms. Keiper

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